Monday, January 15, 1770
To Los Encinos State Historical Park (Aug. 5-6).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 15th, we proceeded for seven hours on a bad road and descended to the Llano del Encino to which we had been looking forward.

Miguel Costansó
We took guides at El Triunfo to lead us as far as another small village, a league and a half distant. At this village they gave us other guides who, leading us to the northeast, caused us great uneasiness. In spite of all the signs we made to them to lead us east or southeast they, however, persisted in refusing, telling us that the country was impassable in those directions, and we had no reason to regret having believed them. A short time afterwards, they turned to the east, ascending a long but gradual slope. From its summit we discovered what we were looking for, that is, the Valle de los Robles or Santa Catalina. We descended to it and, travelling to the southeast, arrived late at our old camping-place at the Real de los Robles which we had occupied on August 5 and 6. Today's march was six leagues and a half.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out with a guide from this village and traveled until we came to another small one in about a league and a half. From there we took another guide who led us in a
northeasterly direction. A little farther on he turned east. We climbed a long and steep hill, from whose summit we made out the valley of Santa Catarina. We descended to it, and, traveling to the southeast, arrived, now late, at Los Robles, where we camped on the 7th of August. The march covered six and a half leagues.*

January 14 To Russell Valley.
January 16 To Near the Hollywood Freeway and Franklin Avenue.