Saturday, January 13, 1770
To Potrero Valley.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 13th, we traveled for about five hours, following the direct road through the Valle del Encino where the road was not very good. We halted in a village of about fifty natives.

Miguel Costansó
We took a guide from this village who led us through an opening that was very easy of passage, by which we crossed a large part of the mountain range. We afterwards ascended a slope down which a stream ran; its source was a very large spring, covered with watercress. Having ascended this slope we found ourselves on level ground in another very beautiful canyon, covered with grass and live-oaks. This canyon ended in another slope, somewhat difficult of passage, and at the foot of it there was a small Indian village where the inhabitants gave us roasted mescales in exchange for glass beads. All this country has beautiful scenery and plenty of water. We ascended the slope and from its summit we saw another very beautiful plain on which there was another Indian village near which we halted. Close by there was much water, and fire-wood, and an abundance of pasture for the animals. The day's march was two leagues and a half.

Fray Juan Crespi
In the morning we set out with a guide from the village, who took us by a very practicable pass, through which we crossed over a great part of the range. Afterwards we ascended a hill from which an arroyo precipitates itself. Its source is in a very large spring covered with watercress. After mounting the hill we found ourselves in another very sightly valley, covered with pasturage and live oaks.This valley ends opposite another rugged ridge, at the foot of which there is a small village whose heathen treated us to roasted mescales. Then we climbed the hill and from its top saw another very beautiful plain, in which we found another village of heathen, close to which we halted. There was plenty of water near at hand and firewood and pasture in abundance. The march covered, two leagues and a half, and I called this spot El Triunfo del Dulcisimo Nombre de Jesus.

January 12 To Near Camarillo.
January 14 To Russell Valley.