Wednesday, January 10, 1770
To Carpinteria (Aug. 17).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 10th, we proceeded for a distance somewhat greater than we had made in three marches on the outward journey, which was about six hours travel. We halted in the town of La Carpinteria where we expected [to find] a plentiful supply of fish, but it had hardly any.

Miguel Costansó
We set out from the Pueblos de la Isla, desirous of reaching the Pueblo de la Carpintería, five leagues and a half distant, with the purpose of leaving behind all the obstructions along the channel while the ground was dried by sun and wind. We passed through the Pueblo de la Laguna without stopping, and arrived quite late at the Pueblo de la Carpintería, near which we occupied the same camping place as on August 17, when on our way up the country. There was no fish either in this town or in the Pueblo de la Laguna; it may be that the Indians have not applied themselves to fishing, or that this coast is without fish at this season.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out from the towns of Las Islas, and passed by that of the lake without stopping, arriving late at that of the Carpinteria, or San Roque, having traveled five and a half
leagues. We stopped in the same spot where we were on the 17th of August, the fish being absent here also.

January 9 To Just south of Goleta.
January 11 To Ventura (Aug. 14).