Monday, January 1, 1770
To San Antonio Creek (Aug. 31).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 1st of January, 1770, we proceeded for four hours over the road by which we had come and made the same distance as on the outward journey .

Miguel Costansó
From the Valle de la Laguna Larga we marched to the Real del Baile de las Indias, a distance of three leagues from the former; now, however, we did not find the party of Indians, which had treated us so well the first time. Bears are to be met with in this district. On the way, the soldiers discovered among some thickets. a very large she bear with three cubs following her. Horses were immediately saddled, and some of the soldiers went to give chase. They succeeded in killing the mother and one little cub, and with this provision there was a great feast in the camp. The meat of these animals has a very good flavor and taste, but at that time it seemed better than the best veal.

Fray Juan Crespi
We made, in the name of God, a beginning to this year of 1770, by both celebrating Mass in this long lake of the holy martyrs, Saint Daniel and his companions, where we were on the first of September, just four months ago today. We set out in the morning by the road already known, and after traveling three leagues we came to the Lake of San Ramon, alias La Graciosa, where on the 31st of August there was a dance by the Indian women. Today the village was not found here; but the Divine Provider did not fail us, and
ordered that a bear should appear in the road with three cubs following her. Some of the soldiers changed to horses that were accustomed to the ferocity of these animals, and they succeeded in killing the mother and one cub, with which there was a great feast. Its meat is not in itself unsavory, and today it tasted better than if it had been a fatted calf. For this succor we gave thanks to the Lord, for it gave us a good beginning to the New Year.

December 31 To Guadalupe Lake (Sept. 1).
January 2 To Bear Creek (Aug. 29).