Sunday, December 31, 1769
To Guadalupe Lake (Sept. 1).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 31st, we proceeded for five hours and made the same distance as on the outward journey over the road by which we had come .

Miguel Costansó
In the morning, some of the natives came to the camp bringing presents of pinole, atole, and tamales, which they sold to us in exchange for glass beads. We afterwards took the road to the Laguna Larga, a distance of three leagues. The natives of the surrounding villages came to the camp bringing presents like those we received at the Laguna Larga.

Fray Juan Crespi
At daybreak we two said Mass, and then some heathen came to visit us with a present of pinole, atole, and tamales, on which we breakfasted; the gift was returned with glass beads. We then set out on the march by the old road, and in three leagues on this route we came to the long lake. On our arrival the Indians came from the next village, with their present of pinole, atole, and tamales, which was returned with beads as usual.

December 30 To Oso Flaco Lake (Sept. 2-3).
January 1 To San Antonio Creek (Aug. 31).

After leaving Cannel Bay, Portola December camps were as follows:
at Monterey on the 10th; near Blanco
on the 11th; near Similar
on the 12th; near Camphora
on the 13th; above Metz
on the 14th; near King City
on the 15th; in Jol6n Valley
on the 16th; at Naeimiento River
on the 17th; near Los Burros Creek
on the 18th; in the Hollow at the forks of Campoforo Creek
on the 19th; near Arroyo del Oso
on the 21st; near San Simeon Bay
on the 23d; at Santa Rosa Creek
on the 24th; east of Ellysby's Creek, at the north end of Estero Bay
on the 25th; at Chorro Creek
on the 26th; near the site of San Luis Obispo
on the 27th; north of Pismo, in San Luis Canyon,
on the 29th; at Oso Flaco Lake
on the 30th; at Guadalupe Lake on the 31st.