Friday, December 29, 1769
To Price Canyon, north of Pismo Beach (Sept. 4).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 29th, we traveled for three hours by a route different from that we had taken on the outward journey. We halted in the plain which is named the Plan de los Berros. Here a most obsequious native came up and, being apprehensive among us all ... a present of a fabric interwoven with beautiful feathers which in its arrangement looked like plush covered with countless little seeds.

Miguel Costansó
If, from the Cañada de los Osos, we had attempted to follow the same road as on our outward journey, there would have been not a few difficulties to overcome in traversing a spur of the range that extends into the sea. We found, however, that without making a circuit, even shortening the distance, we could avoid the mountain range by ascending the canyon, and that we would come out at the Plan de los Berros, or Ranchería del Buchon. We succeeded in doing this without any difficulty, the only bad passage that presented itself being that of a small stream, covered with rushes, which emptied itself between some low hills, forming a marsh of considerable extent; over this, however, we found a passage. The day's march was three leagues. As soon as the cacique Buchon knew of our arrival he came to visit us at the camp, bringing an abundance of pinole, atole, and very good tamales, which appeared to have been made of corn, and which, on account of our hunger, we found delicious. In return, we gave him some trinkets and glass beads, which he greatly valued, and sent him away.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out in the morning, leaving the old road, because of the difficulty there would be in passing over a spur of the mountains which extend to the sea. In order to avoid them we ascended through a valley by a more direct road, in order to come out in the valley of San Ladislao or El Buchon. The only obstacle on this road is an arroyo covered with rushes and having a considerable marsh; but they found a pass through it, and after three leagues' travel we came to the arroyo or little valley of El Buchon. This chief, named El Buchon for the reason that I gave on the 4th of September, as soon as he learned of our arrival, came to visit us at the camp with a liberal present of pinole, atole, and some very good tamales which seemed to be made of corn. The gift was returned with glass beads, which they greatly esteemed.

December 28 Day Two at Southeast of San Luis Obispo, in the direction of Edna.
December 30 To Oso Flaco Lake (Sept. 2-3).