Tuesday, December 26, 1769
Near the Los Osos schoolhouse (Sept. 7).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 26th, we traveled for six hours and made the same distance as in two of the marches on the outward journey. Here we saw sixty natives that we had not previously seen.

Miguel Costansó
From the Ranchería de los Pescadores we passed on to the Cañada de los Osos and occupied the same place as on September 8. It was raining during the whole march, and we found the road very difficult. We traveled for four leagues.

Fray Juan Crespi
We two celebrated this day of the proto-martyr San Estevan, and after Mass we set out on the road by which we came, traveling four leagues, and stopping at the old camp
in the valley of San Adrian, or Los Osos. During the whole march it rained on us and the road was very heavy; the rain continued all the afternoon.

December 25 To Ellysly Creek (Sept. 9).
December 27 To Southeast of San Luis Obispo, in the direction of Edna.