Monday, December 25, 1769
To Ellysly Creek (Sept. 9).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 25th, we traveled for four hours and a half over the road by which we had come. Here we saw thirty natives that had not been seen on the outward journey.

Miguel Costansó
Before we set out from the Real de los Pinos more than two hundred natives of both sexes came to the camp. Many of them brought trays of pinole and some fish, with which we supplied ourselves, giving them glass beads in return, which have already become highly valued in these parts. Today's march was three leagues and a half. We halted a little to the south of the Real del Estero, near a small village of Indian fishermen, from whom we bought a considerable quantity of fish, which somewhat relieved the people. In a short time a large number of natives came to the camp with trays of pinole and atole.

Fray Juan Crespi
On this day of the Nativity of the Lord we could not celebrate in any other manner than by saying Mass, we two, one Mass for each, for the march gave time for no more.
The cold is so biting that it gives us good reason to meditate upon what the Infant Jesus, who was this day born in Bethlehem, suffered for us. We made three leagues and a half, and went to stop a little farther to the south of the estuary of Santa Serafina, close to a small village of Indian fishermen, from whom a great deal of fish was obtained, in exchange for beads, with which all provided themselves. So we celebrated Christmas with this dainty, which tasted better to everybody than capons and chickens had tasted in other places, because of the good sauce of San Bernardo,* hunger which all had in abundance. And there was not lacking a Christmas gift of good baskets of pinole and atole,
which, being white and made of acorns, tastes like manjar blanco,f because of its color and the pleasure with which it is eaten.

December 24 To Santa Rosa Creek, east of Cambria (Sept. 10).
December 26 Near the Los Osos schoolhouse (Sept. 7).