Sunday, December 24, 1769
To Santa Rosa Creek, east of Cambria (Sept. 10).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 24th, we proceeded for five hours and we made a distance equal to a march and a half on the previous journey. Here we came upon a village of sixty inhabitants which we did not see on the outward journey.

Miguel Costansó
From the Arroyo del Laurel we went to the Real del Osito, which we had occupied on September 10, and which is three leagues from the former place. A passage, which on our outward journey we had opened over a cliff along the shore, had been washed out by the water, leaving it impassable. It was necessary for us to seek another passage, through a canyon covered with thickets, with our machetes in our hands.

Fray Juan Crespi
On this day before Christmas we two said Masses, which all heard, and we set out in the morning on the same road by which we came. Because the water had washed away a pass on a steep descent to the beach, which we had repaired on the way up, it was necessary for us to look for a pass in another valley, that was full of brush, so that in order to go through it the men had to go ahead and open the road with machetes. The march covered three leagues, and we halted on the same spot as on the 10th of September, which was in the valley of El Osito de San Buenaventura. It was God's will that we should celebrate the Nativity joyfully, which was done in this way: more than two hundred heathen of both sexes came to visit us in this place, bringing us Christmas gifts, for many of them came with good baskets of pinole and some fish, with which everybody supplied himself, so that we had something with which to celebrate Christmas Day. Blessed be the providence of God, who succors us more than we deserve! Their gifts were returned with beads, which pleased them greatly.

December 23 To Little Pico Creek.
December 25 To Ellysly Creek (Sept. 9).