Saturday, December 23, 1769
To Little Pico Creek.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 23rd, we traveled as far as in a march and a half of those made in coming, which was four and a half hours travel. In this place we came upon a village of fifty natives and, on the same march, we saw another of forty.

Miguel Costansó
We broke camp in the morning, although it was threatening rain, but we had the good fortune not to have rain until we arrived at the place known as the Arroyo del Laurel; this name was given it because at this place we had seen the first of these trees. On this occasion we found, by the side of the stream, a small Indian village, the inhabitants of which gave us some of their pinoles and seeds. We pitched our camp on a low hill near this watering place. It rained very heavily during the afternoon and night. We traveled for three leagues over a more direct road than that we had followed in coming.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out in the morning, although the weather was threatening, and we had the good fortune not to have the rain come down on us until we reached the camping place. We
traveled three leagues by a more direct road than when we came, and halted on a hill near an arroyo which was called El Laurel, on account of having seen laurel trees all along the road on the first trip. Near this arroyo we found a small village whose inhabitants gave us some of their seeds and pinole, which we returned with beads. All the afternoon
and in the night it rained heavily.

December 22 Day two near Arroyo del Oso.
December 24 To Santa Rosa Creek, east of Cambria (Sept. 10).