Wednesday, December 20, 1769
Day two at Wagner Creek.

Gaspar de Portol√°
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Miguel Costansó
The animals had become so worn out and exhausted that it was necessary to give them a rest. We now had but a very small quantity of provisions remaining and, since, for this reason, there had been some misconduct among the soldiers, different ones having had the audacity to steal the flour from the sacks, the commander decided to divide among them what remained, that each one should maintain himself from his own share. This was done, and all had an equal portion and were content. Each of the missionary fathers and the officers received a small quantity of biscuits and chocolate, with a ham to each for the remainder of the journey.

Fray Juan Crespi
As the pack train arrived much fatigued, the commander decided that they should be given this day for rest. The provisions were now getting so low that the entire amount was reduced to five tierces of flour. It was divided among all in equal parts, each one receiving eight small cupfuls, from each of which five very thin tortillas could be made. By liberal count there would be forty round, well-trimmed tortillas, which anyone in the expedition, judging by our hunger, could finish in two days. This division was occasioned by the discovery that some of the soldiers were bold enough to steal the flour from the sacks, for which reason the commander took the step of dividing it in equal parts, each to guard his own. In this way all were equal and satisfied, as far as could be. The governor gave the officers and us two priests a little biscuit which he had saved from what he brought from the mission of Purisima Concepcion in California, and he also distributed a little chocolate that was left, and a ham, for the remainder of the journey, half of which yet remains for us to travel.

December 19 To the Wagner Creek (Sept. 17-19).
December 21 Near Arroyo del Oso.