Tuesday, December 19, 1769
To the Wagner Creek (Sept. 17-19).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 19th, we traveled for three hours, passing the most difflcult part of the range on which there was not a little snow ; we made the same distance as on the outward journey. Here we rested one day.

Miguel Costansó
This day's march was difficult because of the greater ruggedness of the mountain range. It was also the stretch that had caused us the hardest work on our outward journey, because the greater part of the road had to be opened up by dint of pickaxe and crowbar. At this place we found the natives who had treated us so well the last time we passed, and they did no less on this occasion.

Fray Juan Crespi
This day's march was very fatiguing, as it was through the roughest part of the mountains, this being the stretch which caused the most trouble when we came, where it was necessary then to open the road by dint of picks and hoes. We traveled two leagues and came to the hollow in Sierra de Santa Lucia where we had been on the 20th of September. We found the friendly people who treated us so well at that time, and who did no less on this occasion.

December 18 To the Los Burros Creek (Sept. 20).
December 20 Day two at Wagner Creek.