Sunday, December 17, 1769
To the Nacimiento River (Sept. 21-23).

Gaspar de Portolá
The 17th, we proceeded for four and a half hours making two marches which were the same that we had made on the out ward journey.

Miguel Costansó
We traveled in the same direction, towards the southwest. On leaving the canyon which we had been following, we crossed another larger one, containing a stream of running water. We pitched our camp in the mountain range by the side of the Río de las Truchas, in the same place as on September 21. It was cruelly cold during the night and a heavy frost fell.

Fray Juan Crespi
After we two had said Mass, all the men being present, we set out to the southwest. After leaving the valley of Palo Caido we traversed another more spacious one which has
an arroyo of running water. We halted in the mountains on the bank of the river called Las Truchas de San Elceareo, where we were on the 21st of September. We traveled only two leagues.

December 16 To Jolon Valley.
December 18 To the Los Burros Creek (Sept. 20).