Tuesday, December 12, 1769
To the Salinas River, near Chualar (Sept. 29).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 12th, we travelled for five hours over the road by which we had come, and halted at the same place [as before] where there was a village of forty natives.

Miguel Costansó
We broke camp and followed the canyon up the river. After a march of three leagues and a half we halted at the same place we occupied on September 29, called Los Cazadores.

Fray Juan Crespi
We followed the valley and river up-stream, and traveled three and a half leagues. After we two said Mass to Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe, which was heard by all the people,
we went to make camp at the place which we called Los Cazadores, where we had stopped on the 29th of September.

December 11 To the Salinas River, below Old Hilltown (Sept. 30).
December 13 To the Salinas River, southwest of Camphora (Sept. 28).