Monday, December 11, 1769
To the Salinas River, below Old Hilltown (Sept. 30).

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 11th, we traveled the same distance as on the outward journey over the road by which we had come, which was six hours travel.

Miguel Costansó
We took the road to the northeast over the level country, as far as the river, which we forded. We pitched our camp somewhat above the ford, at the camping place which we had occupied on September 30. Many geese were killed, with which we all satisfied our needs. The day's march was four leagues.

Fray Juan Crespi
We started in the morning over a plain toward the northeast as far as the river, which we forded, and camped somewhat above the ford in the same place where we had been on
the 30th of September. The men succeeded in killing many geese, with which they relieved their hunger somewhat; the march covered four leagues.

December 10 To the site of Monterey.
December 12 To the Salinas River, near Chualar (Sept. 29).