Monday, August 7, 1769
To Northwest of Mission San Fernando (SRL 157).
California State Registered Landmark - 157 - Mission San Fernando Rey De Espana

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 7th, we proceeded for three hours, crossing a canyon. We halted at the foot of some hills where there was sufficient water and pasture.

Miguel Costansó
We crossed the Valle de Santa Catalina, which is nearly three leagues wide, and pitched our camp at the foot of the mountains that we had to enter on the following day. There was, among rushes and reeds, more than enough water for the people, but very little for the animals.

Fray Juan Crespi
A little before three in the afternoon we set out to the north and crossed the plain, which is about three leagues wide, and went to camp at the foot of the mountains in a very green valley grown with large live oaks and alders. The water was sufficient for the animals though not over abundant; it runs among rushes and reeds.(1)

(1) San Fernando Valley northwest of Mission San Fernando. (Bolton)

August 6 Day two at Los Encinos State Historical Park in Encino (SRL 689).
August 8 To or near Castaic Junction.