Friday, August 4, 1769
To the grounds of University High School, West Los Angeles (SRL 522).
California Registered Landmark - 522 -Serra Springs

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 4th, we proceeded for two hours and a half on a good road. Sufficient water and pasture. We halted at a place occupied by a village of thirty natives; they made us a present of nuts and acorns and we made them a suitable return.

Miguel Costansó
From the Ojo de Agua de los Alisos, skirting the mountains, over a good level road covered with grass, we reached the Ojos de Agua del Berrendo, a name we gave the place because we caught there one of these animals alive, its leg had been broken on the preceding afternoon by a musket shot from a volunteer soldier who had not been able to overtake it. The watering place was situated in a hollow surrounded by low hills near the seacoast. Here we found an Indian village and the inhabitants were very good natured. They came at once to our quarters with trays of seeds, nuts, and acorns; to these presents we responded with our strings of glass beads, which they hold in high esteem.

Fray Juan Crespi
At half-past six in the morning we set out from the camp, following the plain to the northwest. At a quarter of a league we came to a little valley between small hills, and continued over plains of level land, very black and with much pasturage. After two hours' travel, during which we must have covered about two leagues, we stopped at the watering place, which consists of two little springs that rise at the foot of a higher mesa. From each of the two springs runs a small stream of water which is soon absorbed; they are both full of watercress and innumerable bushes of Castilian roses. We made camp near the springs, where we found a good village of very friendly and docile Indians, who, as soon as we arrived, came to visit us, bringing their present of baskets of sage and other seeds, small, round nuts with a hard shell, and large and very sweet acorns. They made me a present of some strings of beads of white and red shells which resemble coral, though not very fine; we reciprocated with glass beads. I understood that they were asking us if we were going to stay, and I said "No," that we were going farther on. I called this place San Gregorio, but to the soldiers the spot is known as the Springs of El Berrendo, because they caught a deer alive there, it having had a leg broken the preceding afternoon by a shot fired by one of the volunteer soldiers, who could not overtake it. The water is in a hollow surrounded by low hills not far from the sea.(1)

(1) Northwest of Soldiers' Home (Bolton). Bolton's note refers to the Sawtelle Veterans Home, which is about a mile north of University HS. Another candidate for "a hollow surrounded by low hills not far from the sea" would be Santa Monica Canyon, where Riviera Country Club is now.

August 3 To La Cienega Park, on La Cienega Blvd. between Olympic Blvd. and Gregory Way. (SRL 665).
August 5 To the Valle de Santa Catalina, or Valle de los Encinos