Thursday, August 31, 1769
To San Antonio Creek.

Gaspar de Portolá
No entry

Miguel Costansó
We set out from the Río de San Verardo in the morning, and traveled for two leagues towards the north over level ground, very thickly covered with wild rosemary and other fragrant bushes, until we reached a canyon where there was an abundance of pasture. We passed directly through it, and, when we ascended its northern side, we discovered an Indian village by the side of a moderately large pond surrounded by low hills. The natives here were poor they had no houses and we doubted if this place was their permanent abode. They honored us with a dance, and it was the first place where we saw the women dance. Two of these excelled the others; they had a bunch of flowers in their hands, and accompanied the dance with various graceful gestures and movements without getting out of time in their songs. We called the place the Ranchería del Baile de las Indias.

Fray Juan Crespi Diary
Early in the morning we set out from this river, traveling directly to the north, over sand dunes and shells, which we soon left behind and went through level country with low hills. After three hours travel, during which we must have covered two leagues and a half, we arrived at the camping place, near a large pond of fresh water more than eighty varas across, with banks well grown with tule, willows, and other trees. We halted not far from the water, where there was a village, which must have been temporary, for we did not see a single house. The Indians entertained us with dancing, the first place where we saw the women dance, for which reason this lagoon is known by the name of El Baile de las Indias, although others call it La Graciosa, on account of the carelessness of one of the soldiers in saying that they had seen a pretty lagoon. It is in a hollow, surrounded by hills, not very high. The water comes from a spring, at whose source there is good watercress, tender and savory. We named this lake San Ramon Nonato, as it was his day.

August 30 To Santa Ynez River, at Ocean Beach County Park
September 1 To Guadalupe Lake.