Monday, August 28, 1769
To Oil Well Canyon.

Gaspar de Portolá
The 28th, we marched for three hours on a good road, with the exception of some gullies which had to be crossed. We halted in a town near the sea inhabited by sixty natives, where there was much pasture and water.

Miguel Costansó
We travelled for two leagues over high land along the shore, but it was easy of access. The watering-place near which we halted was a spring of very good water. There was near it a small, poor Indian village of ten little houses and sixty souls. In sight of our camp, and, at most, a gun shot from it, a tongue of land extended into the sea. At this place we gathered many flints suitable for the firearms, and, for this reason, we called the place Los Pedernales. From the observation of the meridian altitude of the sun we found that we were in latitude 34° 33'.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out at half-past two in the afternoon and traveled two leagues over high land, in sight of the sea, with good pasture, and arrived at the camping place, which is at a spring of about one naranja of good water. Near it there is a small village of about seventy souls, living in ten poor houses. These people seemed to us to be a little reserved, although they treated us with the same friendliness as the others. From the camp we saw another point of land entering the sea, about a gunshot distant from the camp. Between this point and that of Concepcion it appears that there is a good bay, and opposite it are seen the last two islands of the channel. One of them, the one nearest Point Concepcion, is large, the other is smaller, and has a seal rock joined to it on the west. From the Point the coast runs to the northwest. In this Espada Creek in its name records this incident of the theft of the sword, village the soldiers gathered good flints for their weapons; for this reason they named it Los Pedernales, but I, in view of the fact that tomorrow we celebrate the martyrdom of San Juan Bautista, commended this village to him, so that with his patronage, its reduction may be accomplished, for which purpose I gave it his name.

August 27 To Jalama Beach County Park.
August 29 To Bear Creek