Saturday, August 19, 1769
To the West side of Santa Barbara, at or near Arroyo Burro.

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 19th of August, we proceeded for one hour. Pasture and water. Here about twenty or more natives came to our camp we made them presents of glass beads.

Miguel Costansó
We broke camp rather to get away from the annoyance of the natives than to make a day's march; and so, as soon as we made half a league, turning from the shore at this place steep and fringed by high hills we halted in a canyon that had running water, although it sank into the sand not far from its source. The canyon was covered with beautiful live oaks and poplars, and pines grew on the hill-tops. The scouts, who had been sent out in the morning, came back in the afternoon with the news that they had seen large towns and many natives, telling everyone of the welcome that had been given them on all sides. At night ten unarmed natives came to the camp with the object, they said, of guiding us to their village in the morning. We allowed them to pass the remainder of the night at some distance from the camp, and sent them some of our men who kept them company, and entertained them until daybreak.

Fray Juan Crespi
We set out to-day simply to separate ourselves from so many people. Going west over the mesas we descended to a dry arroyo, although it was full of alders and live oaks. Another plain of good black soil follows, and we stopped there, having traveled no more than half a league. Withdrawing from the beach, which was steep and bordered with high hills, we halted in a valley which had running water, although the sand absorbs it. Not far from its source is the valley, covered with live oaks and alders, and on the summits there are some pines. The people of a village came to visit us, and no doubt they live near. The soldier explorers who went out this morning came back this afternoon with the report that they had found large settlements containing many people, and that they gave them a good reception. At night ten unarmed heathen came to this camp and offered to guide us in the morning to their village. They were permitted to remain for the rest of the night a little apart from the camp, a guard being placed to keep them company and entertain them until morning.

August 18 To Santa Barbara (historic marker at the southwest corner of the grounds of the courthouse).
August 20 To South of Goleta.