Tuesday, August 15, 1769
To or near Pitas Point.

Gaspar de Portol√°
We proceeded for two hours along the seashore. We halted near a town of eight houses. No water or pasture.

Miguel Costansó
In the afternoon we set out after watering the animals, because the scouts informed us that we could not reach the watering-place (as it was a considerable distance from the place we left) in a single march. We travelled for two leagues along the beach, and pitched our camp near temporary village of Indian fishermen, who gave us more fish than we could eat. During the night, these people serenaded us with pipes or whistles; these were very disagreeable and only served to annoy us and keep us awake.

Fray Juan Crespi
We two priests said Mass, which everybody heard, and at two in the afternoon we set out, taking the road to the west along the edge of the sea. At the start we crossed the river, which gave us some trouble on account of the stones and the large amount of water which ran above them. We traveled about two leagues over the sand of the beach. The space between the sea and the rugged bare mountains that we have in some parts broad and in others narrow, so narrow indeed that it gives no room to pass without trouble. After traveling two hours we stopped near a small village which had a few little grass houses. All the water they have is a small pool. There was a canoe, which might be seven varas long, in which they were fishing; the people of the village immediately called them and they came to land, with very many large fish. The chief, with all his village, came to the camp with the fish and many seeds, which he gave to the governor, who returned the gift with his present of beads, and they were well pleased. They brought more food than all the people could eat. During the night they disturbed us and kept us awake playing all night on some doleful pipes or whistles, which caused our sentinels to be more watchful. I named this village Santa Conefundis.

August 14 To Ventura (SRL 310, Mission San Buenaventura).
August 16 To Rincon Point near Rincon Creek.