Sunday, August 13, 1769
To or near Saticoy.
California State Historical Landmaker - 727

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 13th, we proceeded for three hours through the same canyon, endeavoring to reach the sea, and halted in a gully where there was sufficient water and much pasture. Here we came upon a village of forty inhabitants.

Miguel Costansó
We marched for two leagues, steadily descending the canyon with the intention of reaching the coast which we presumed to be already near. We pitched our camp at a short distance from the stream, henceforth we shall call it, with greater propriety, a river, on account of its volume at this place, increased by various streams which empty into it on both sides of the canyon. From this place we observed a spacious plain, covered with grass and with some trees, extending to the south and west as far as the sea. Near our camp there was a very small Indian village; the inhabitants lived in huts thatched with grass, of a spherical form like the half of an orange, each having a vent in its upper part through which the light entered and the smoke escaped.

Fray Juan Crespi
After we two said Mass, attended by the men, we left the place about eight in the morning through the same valley, which continues to the southwest and is now widening out. We traveled two hours, during which we must have made two leagues, and stopped near a village of heathen a short distance from an arroyo which would call at this point a river, as it is very wide and has a great deal of water running through it, formed no doubt by the many arroyos of the valley of Santa Clara. The village is composed of twenty houses made of grass, in a spherical form, like a half orange, with a vent at the top by which the light enters and the smoke goes out. I went with the father companion to see the river, which is not very far from the village. It seemed to us that the bed must have a width of fifty varas of sand and about eighteen varas of running water, very shallow and on a level with the land of this great plain, which we saw extending far to the south; indeed, it seemed to us that the level land might reach as far as the shore. The heathen made us presents of their baskets of seeds, which were repaid with beads, and they went off well satisfied. We called this river and spot The Holy Martyrs, polito and Casiano. In the afternoon we felt two earthquakes.

August 12 To or near Santa Paula (SRL 727).
August 14 To Ventura (SRL 310, Mission San Buenaventura)