Saturday, August 12,1769
To or near Santa Paula (SRL 727).
California Registered State Landmark - 727 -Portola Expedition

Gaspar de Portol√°
The 12th, we proceeded for three hours through a canyon where there was a large gully of water and much pasture, and a village of forty inhabitants.

Miguel Costansó
In the afternoon, we broke camp and steadily followed the canyon over a road broken by streams and gullies formed by the watershed of the mountain range which is drained by them during the rainy season. We halted on the bank of one of them which still carried a considerable amount of water. We covered three leagues on this day's march. Some natives from a village within sight came with their trays of seeds and pine-nuts; these they offered us with the same liberality and willingness as the others.

Fray Juan Crespi
We started at three in the afternoon on this day of Santa Clara from her place, and following the same valley in the direction of west-southwest, over a road broken by arroyos and gullies formed by the floods from the mountain ridges which empty through them in the rainy season, we stopped on the bank of one of them which carried plenty of water. After traveling about three leagues, near the camping place we came to a village of heathen, as friendly as the preceding, and as soon as we arrived they came with their baskets of pinole and pine-nuts. Beads were given them in return. We called this village San Pedro Amoliano, hoping that this saint may be patron of these people and bring them to baptism.

August 11 To Sespe Creek, just west of Fillmore.
August 13 To or near Saticoy.