Tuesday, August 1, 1769
Day two west of Alhambra

Gaspar de Portol√°
We rested today, and the scouts went out to explore the country.

Miguel Costansó
At ten o'clock in the morning there was an earthquake, which was repeated with violence at one o'clock in the afternoon; and one hour afterwards we experienced another shock. Some of the soldiers asked permission to go hunting mounted on their horses and others to go on foot, with the intention of killing some antelopes, as many of these animals had been seen. They are a species of wild goat with horns somewhat larger than those of the goats. These soldiers, on their return, said that they had seen a river of fine water from sixteen to seventeen yards wide that rises near the gap of the valley to the south, and at the foot of a low hill that was in sight of our camp, and, at the most, half a league distant.

Fray Juan Crespi
This day was one of rest, for the purpose of exploring, and especially to celebrate the jubilee of Our Lady of Los Angeles de Porciuncula. We both said Mass and the men took communion, performing the obligations to gain the great indulgence. At ten in the morning the earth trembled. The shock was repeated with violence at one in the afternoon, and one hour afterwards we experienced another. The soldiers went out this afternoon to hunt, and brought an antelope, with which animals this country abounds; they are like wild goats, but have horns rather larger than goats. I tasted the roasted meat, and it was not bad. Today I observed the latitude and it came out for us thirty-four degrees and ten minutes north latitude.

July 31 To the west of Alhambra
August 2 To Los Angeles River, at North Broadway (SRL 655, in Elysian Park).