San Francisco Call, Volume 98, Number 101, 9 September 1905

Arrangements for Construction of Ocean Shore Road Completed.
The directors of the Ocean Shore Railroad met yesterday and completed the awarding of contracts for construction of the new coast road between, this city and Santa Cruz. It was later announced by Chief Engineer Rogers that C. E. Loss, the well-known Eastern contractor who will build the line, will begin work next week.

The road will be eighty-two miles long, double tracked, and will cost $2,000,000. It will extend out Army street to Barneville avenue, thence to Marengo street, where a subway will be built to Mission street, and from that street it will be extended to and along Alameda avenue and crossing Onadago street it will continue on through the Spring Valley ranch southward. A branch line will be built in the Richmond District.

The first work on the road will begin on the Spring Valley ranch, where Contractor Loss will establish a base of supplies, and from that point he will proceed to cover the entire distance between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. On. division 7, commonly designated as the Mount Pedro section, of the road, the heaviest work will be encountered by the contractors, for they will have to move more than 7,000,000 yards of earth and half a million yards of rock in the grading of the roadbed and the construction of six tunnels. Between 1200 and 1500 men will be employed on the job, which Loss has contracted to finish In twelve months.

Material for the line will be shipped to a point off the Mount Pedro promontory, where it will be transferred to. the shore by means of two aerial tramways. All the tunnels will be doubled tracked and the entire roadbed constructed under the most modern plans. The company has already placed Its order for 70-pound rails and is preparing to order Its rolling stock.

San Francisco Call, Volume 100, Number 15, 15 June 1906

Service Between Santa Cruz and San Vicente to Be Established Today.
SANTA CRUZ. June .14. — The first passenger trains over the Ocean Shore Railroad are to start tomorrow. Two trains will run daily except Sunday from Santa Cruz to San Vicente, a distance of about fifteen miles.

San Francisco Call, Volume 99, Number 77, 15 February 1906

Washed Off Rocks While Taking Pictures Near City of Santa Cruz
SANTA CRUZ. Feb. 14. — Raymond Mellon, a nineteen-year-old youth employed at Gillmore's camp on Ocean Shore Railroad construction work at San Vicente, was washed off the rocks while taking pictures of the surf there this morning. The body has not yet been recovered. The young man's parents live In this city. He was the main support of his mother.

San Francisco Call, Volume 101, Number 85, 23 February 1907

The police of this city have been asked to locate the wife ot C H. Bennett, foreman for the Ocean - Shore Railroad of Half Moon Bay, who met death as the result of a blast last Sunday evening. Bennett secured his position through a local employment agency, and a letter received yesterday by that firm asking for the, address of the deceased's wife was turned over to the police.

San Francisco Call, Volume 102, Number 36, 6 July 1907

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO. July' 5. Word has reached here of the death of Hans Swanson, a laborer in the employ of the Ocean Shore railroad.- He was crushed in one of the tunnels of the San Mateo county division of the road. A huge boulder broke a support directly above the unfortunate workman. Swanson lived 12 hours. He leaves a brother in Philadelphia and a sister in Sweden.

San Francisco Call, Volume 102, Number 149, 27 October 1907

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO. Oct.' 26.— Three Japanese -laborers employed as graders by the Ocean Shore railroad company, were killed by an Immense landslide that took place on the roadbed opposite Colma yesterday afternoon.