San Francisco Call, Volume 110, Number 149, 27 October 1911

Caught between two trains at Thornton station on the Ocean Shore railroad, yesterday morning, Frank Lyons, a brakeman suffered a crushed leg His leg was amputated at the Mission emergency hospital.

San Francisco Call, Volume 113, Number 62, 31 January 1913

Ocean Shore Railroad Obstructed at Mussel Rock by Earth Fault.
A slide which carried away about 300 feet of the track of the Ocean Shore railroad occurred at Mussel rock Wednesday night, A large gang of men was engaged in repairing the damage yesterday, and it is expected that the line will soon be open for business again. That the slide was probable was reported to the railroad commission several days ago, and it, as a result, directed the company to exercise unusual precautions to avoid an accident. The accident occurred at the point expected, and as a result of the care exercised by the company no lives were endangered.

San Francisco Call, Volume 114, Number 8, 8 June 1913

Historical Significance of Excursion Provided by Ocean Shore Line Closely Lilked With Coming Festival
A new sightseeing route, to be known as "Portola'S; Discovery Trip," will be provided by the Ocean Shore Railroad company, beginning tomorrow.

The historical significance of the journey Is closely linked with the Portola festival, to be held in San Franciscol October 22, 23, 24 and 25 of this year, inasmuch as it will transport visitors over trails and camping sites of Don Gaspar de Portola on his memorable march from San Diego to the discovery of the bay of San Francisco. A special train will leave the Twelfth and Mission streets station at 10 o'clock daily in charge of a guide, who will point out the historical landmarks. The destination of the trip will be Montara, where the tourists will be met with conveyances and taken to the inn for luncheon, and later to the. beautiful Montara beach. The return train will leave at 4 o'clock, reaching San Francisco at 5:15. This trip has been specially arranged for tourists to give them an opportunity to see the fascinating marine scenery along the route of the Ocean Shorerailroad.