San Francisco Call, Volume 103, Number 108, 17 March 1908

REDWOOD CITY. March 16.— Maps of two new subdivisions on the coast side, which have been made possible by the successful operation of the Ocean Shore railroad, were accepted by the supervisors this morning. Maps of subdivision 2 of Brighton Beach and Francisca heights at Half Moon bay were accepted.

San Francisco Call, Volume 103, Number 111, 20 March 1908

Residents of Santa Cruz and Watsonville Are Guests of Railroad Officials
Two hundred residents of Santa Cruz and Watsonville, who attended the Ocean Shore railroad mass meeting in Dreamland rink Wednesday night, were taken in a special train over the new Ocean Shore railroad yesterday morning as guests of President Harvey and Director Peter Martin. They were carried in the train to the end of the track at the south side of Pedro tunnel and then taken through the big bore for the first time on a round of inspection. "The excursionists watched the steam shovel at work putting the last bit of roadbed into condition for trafflc, after which they returned through the tunnel and sat down at a luncheon in the open air. Speeches were made by President Harvey. Chief Engineer Rogers and Edward E. White. The people of Santa Cruz are anxiously awaiting the completion of the road and the time when their section will have railroad facilities to the outside country.

Los Angeles Herald, Volume 35, Number 302, 30 July 1908

Hundreds of Passengers Thrown Into Panic as Result of Accident on the Ocean Shore Railroad
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 29.—Farollone station on the line of the Ocean Shore railroad was the scene today of a head on collision between a special train bearing 400 members of the Mission Improvement association and their families and a southbound passenger train. One woman was injured and there was a panic among the passengers.
The special had the right of way but the engineer of the southbound train misunderstood his orders and proceeded on the way to Granada, from which point the excursionists were returning. The collission occurred at a sharp curve. Although Engineer Stark, on the special, applied the airbrakes promptly, the engines came together with considerable force and many of the passengers were thrown from their seats. All escaped injury, with the exception of Mrs. James de Succa, who was badly shaken up.

San Francisco Call, Volume 104, Number 133, 11 October 1908

SAN MATEO. Oct. 10.— Within a short time, probably by November 1, one of the oldest business enterprises in the county, the stage line from San Mateo to Half Moon Bay and Pescadero, will be abandoned. Thereafter the mails will be carried from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay by the Ocean Shore railroad and by rig from that point to Pescadero. For 40 years the route of the stage through the foothills and by the lakes has been noted as one of rare scenic beauty, but the traffic has fallen away with the openIng of the railroad to such an extent that it no longer pays.

San Francisco Call, Volume 105, Number 38, 7 January 1909

Charge Successfully Displaces 65,000 Cubic Yards of Material
REDWOOD CITY, Jan. 6.— One of the most difficult feats of the Ocean Shore railroad was carried to a, successful conclusion yesterday. near San Gregorio when 16.000 pounds of explosive was set off in one blast, successfully displacing 65,000 cubic yards of material. The grading between Long Bridge and San Gregorio is nearly completed.

Los Angeles Herald, Volume 36, Number 231, 20 May 1909

Watchman Saves Trestle
SAN FRANCISCO, May 19.—The destruction by fire of the trestle of the United Railroads at the foot of College hill on the Mission road was prevented last night by Watchman John Martin of the Oceanshore railroad, who found the lower timbers of the trestle just catching fire from a large quantity of brush which had been ignited evidently by two men, who fled at his approach. They escaped, and the fire was extinguished before much damage had been done.

Los Angeles Herald, Volume 36, Number 236, 25 May, 1909

Injured in Collision
SAN FRANCISCO. May 24.—A collision between a Fillmore street car and a car on the Ocean Shore railroad at Sixteenth and Florida streets today rely Injured H. A. Ibsell, a passenger on the street car, and threw a number of other passengers from their seats, Several being hurled to the street. The rear end of the street car was crushed into fragments.

San Fransisco Call, Volume 106, Number 112, 20 September 1909

San Mateo-Pescadero Route
Gives Way to Railroad
[Special Dispatch to The Call]
SAN MATEO, Sept. 19.— The pioneer San Mateo and Peseadero stage line has passed into history after 50 years of active service. The company, which has owned the line since I883, discontinued operation some days ago and intends to place the time worn coaches and horses at auction. At one time the stages had San Francisco, as their starting point, but the advent of the Southern' Pacific did away with their usefulness between San Francisco and San Mateo, so the latter town was made an extremity of the line. The entrance of the Ocean Shore railroad on the peninsula made the out of date staged an impossibility and they were driven to the. wall.

The line was first started about 1860 by Richard Dougherty of. Purissima, who retired in 1865 leaving the field to a competitor. The stage business changed hands several times until 1883, when a company' composed of Levy Brothers, Joseph Debenedetti and J. Boitano, took hold and did a thriving business until the advent of the coast railroad.

Robert Rawls, the driver that took the last stage over the line, has been employed on the San Mateo and Pescadero stages since 1867. Previous to that he had driven stage between San Luis Obispo and Soledad. San Luis Obispo and San Juan, and San Juan and San Jose, so it was with a feeling of regret; that he saw his last stage pass into the pages of California history.

Los Angeles Herald, Volume 37, Number 114, 23 January 1910

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 22.—Judge Van Fleet of the United States olrCUlt court today appointed a commission of three engineers to inquire into tho physical value of the Ocean Shore railway, which recently went into the hands of a receiver.

Los Angeles Herald, Volume 33, Number 15, 16 October 1910

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15.—A petition was filed today in the United States circuit court asking that the sale of the Ocean Shore railway be postponed from October 19 to November 18. The petition, filed by the Baldwin Locomotive works and other creditors acting as interveners, recites that bondholders representing $1,500,000 in bonds of the Insolvent railway company will be In a position to purchase the property on November 18.