Mori's Point

A distinctive natural promontory on "the west end, of Mori Point Road.
It was the site of the Mori farm house built in 1880.

National Parks Service

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Footprints of Pacifica - 84 - Mori Point (Part 1) (View)

Footprints of Pacifica - 85 - Mori Point (Part 2) (View)

Mori's Hotel / Mori Point Inn

Mori's Hotel postcard

During Prohibition, the Mori Point Inn was used as a speakeasy and for rum-running activities.

Jack cheese was originally developed at Mori's Point Inn.

Off Highway Vehicle Activity

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy mori_OHV.jpg
Documentation of OHV activity and associated damage at Mori Point
February 2009