Miss Pacifica


The first pageant was held to raise funds for the incorporation committee that sought make the unincorporated districts an official city. The contest, which the late Paul Azevedo in a Tribune column described as "the finest display of Pacifica can-do spirit, talent and managerial skill," ran strong during the 1960s, but wound down by the late 1970s when it was reorganized and dubbed the Pacifica Rotary Dream Girl pageant. It eventually fell to the wayside by the mid-1980s.

Footprints of Pacifica - 123 - Miss Pacifica (View)
Mayor Grace McCarthy with Miss Pacifica '67


Miss Pacifica:
1957 Jackie Wight Willard
1958 Pat Smith
1959 Terry (Gioni) Reed
1960 Frances Keuhn Schrumpf
1961 Donna Fritz Ray
1962 Virginia Schloegel
1963 Sandra Finley
1964 Theresa Roberts Foley
1965 Deborah Hyers
1966 Candy Fuller Troy
1967 Theodora "Teddi" Higgins
1968 Aleena Branson
1969 Gigi Clark
1970 Donna Van Sickle
1971 Debbie Lawler
1972 Ann Marie Daly
1973 Theresa "Teri" Tenney
1974 Michelle Markovich
1975 Cheryl Douglas Tenney
1976 Carolyn Louise "Cari" Miller
1977 Laurie Raffo
1978 Pamela Jeanne Harris

Pacifica Rotary Dream Girl winners:
1980 Jo-Anne Byrne
1981 Noreen Browne
1982 Tara Geraci
1983 Krista Ragle
1984 Terri Bennett
1985 Celeste Ann Buch

Miss Pacifica Local:
2006 Sterling Wolper
2007 Adriana Manner
2008 Tricia Callero
2009 Azure Armstrong
2010 Morgan Bockelman
2011 Tessa Pogorelskin
2012 Courtney Fil
2013 Brenna Epperson
2014 Jenny Montanez
2015 Marissa Lai