Jay Jansson has been surfing 42 years, calling the north end of Rockaway as "my favorite place to surf." Living most of his youth years in Louisiana, and a U.S. Navy veteran, he and his family moved to Pacifica in 1980 from San Luis Obispo.
In 1987 he organized the Pedro Point Surf Club and quickly was appointed president of the organization by the 15 other surfers who helped form the club. The PPSC is still going strong.
While living in Pacifica he organized and participated in many local surf contests.
In 2000, his job with Pacific Bell returned him to San Luis Obispo as area manager where he lives today. He has the distinction of being inducted into the PSHOF as both a surfer and a journalist.
From 1988 until 2000 he authored a surfing column for the Pacifica Tribune, contributing over 400 articles. He has also written for several national surfing magazines.
Jay Jansson
Jay Jansson

Jay Jansson (Contributed photo
Although limited by physical disabilities today, Jay still paddles with his surf buddies in calm conditions. His writing continues to be published with historical and surf articles along with a soon-to-be published children's book entitled, "Junior, the Cat that Loves to Surf."