Gutierrez boxes her way into Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame

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Blanka Guiterrez

In 2007, Blanca Gutierrez, looking for a place to exercise and take her children to play, decided to open a gym for young girls and women. Eight years later, not only is her Baby Face Gym the top Bay Area facility for female boxers, she has been recognized as one of California’s top amateur boxing promoters.
For her achievements in the world of female boxing, she will be inducted into the City of Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame.

In 1991 Gutierrez was injured in a wrestling accident. With three broken bones and a year of recovery, she entered a kickboxing gym to lose weight and get back in shape. A few days later after attending a female kick boxer bout, she knew that day that she wanted to become a fighter and in the ring was where she was supposed to be.
As a female fighter she soon discovered that not every coach would take females seriously; this was a male-dominated sport. The opportunities for female fighters were few and no one tried harder than Gutierrez to get females matched on local boxing cards. After an amateur stint as a kick boxer and winning three title belts and traveling abroad and being ranked No. 3 in the world, she set out to change the face of the fight game in the Bay Area and nationally.
In June 2011, Gutierrez accepted an award for her father Javier “Baby Face” Gutierrez as a posthumous inductee into the California Boxing Hall of Fame. Her dream of establishing a world-class gym for fighters was becoming a reality.
To keep her father’s legacy alive, she created the first all-female amateur boxing card. Beautiful Brawlers Promotions has set the stage for female boxers as young as eight years old to show the skill, talent and pedigree to which female combat sports had become. Since 2011, Gutierrez has hosted five “Beautiful Brawlers.”
Gutierrez’s awards include best boxing card of the year, best promoter of the year and best coach of the year. In 2013, Women Boxing Archive Network recognized her with the female advocate boxing award for her contributions to female boxing.
Blanca Gutierrez has become the voice of professional female boxing.