Frank and Andy Gabin have been active supporters of youth sports programs for more than 40 years. They devote a lot of time and effort into supporting Pacifica youth and their activities. They believe in the long-range goals and benefits of a well-rounded education that includes extracurricular programs and athletics. Beginning in 1971 as Oceana Booster Club parents and continuing to the present with Terra Nova athletics, this husband-wife team has helped raised thousands of dollars for the school's athletic teams. In 1980 they were recipients of thefirst Oceana Parent of Year Award.
With the arriving of Bill Gray at Oceana to coach football and wrestling, Frank found himself volunteering to film the games. Thirty-eight years later he is still filming football games for Gray, but now at Terra Nova.
Andy helps carry the video equipment. They have logged thousands of miles, attending tournaments all across the state. This involves as many as six games a week as well as the scouting of the next week's opponent. Living in Pacifica since 1946, Andy has been a resource to the Pacifica Tribune on sports history. Frank and Andy have been married 54 years.