When Alexandra Sickinger was a sophomore at Oceana High School, she chose to play baseball, becoming the only girl to ever play baseball for a Pacifica high school boys baseball team. After graduating from high school, Alex, would pass on playing collegiate softball, choosing instead to play professional women's baseball. Later she would play for the United States' women's national team.When Oceana High School was restructured in 1990, many athletic programs were dropped, including girls softball.
When Sickinger entered Oceana years later, she really wanted to play softball, as she had been playing on a traveling softball team since she was 13 years. So without a school softball team, Sickinger, as a sophomore, joined the boys baseball team.
"I tried out for the team and was selected to play for the varsity team as the second baseman," said Sickinger. "I later moved to starting catcher, where I really enjoyed playing."
Sickinger credits her dad, Ed, for introducing her to baseball, saying, "I grew up playing the game. There seemed to be a ball and bat always close at hand."
Sickinger played at one time in the farm system of the San Francisco Giants. He also was an assistant coach at Oceana and later was the manager of his daughter's baseball team affiliated with the Ladies Professional Baseball League.
In 1997, Sickinger was the youngest player to play in the professional baseball league. She led the San Jose Spitfires to the league's first championship, winning rookie of the year and defensive player of the year.
Five years later, Sickinger helped form the California women's Baseball League. She later played in the Women's World Series of Baseball, winning a gold glove for her defensive play, and the USA Baseball Women's National team.
Today, Sickinger is the National Director of Training for Fitniks. Fitniks is a physical fitness facility based in Santa Rosa. The San Francisco State University graduate joined Fitniks after spending several years as an elementary school teacher. She has worked as a coach and counselor for school-age children. She has also served as Athletic Director for the Boys and Girls Club program at Ingrid B. Lacy School. She also coached a Little League baseball team with the Pacifica National Little League program.