The Minnie G. Atkins

1863 - 1873
length beam depth tonnage
75' 22' 6' 61.8

The Atkins was built in San Francisco from old ships timbers. The shipwright was Birdsall at a cost of $7000.
The Schooner Minnie G. Atkins was a two masted lumber Schooner that ran as far north as the Russian Territory (now known as Alaska) and as far south as Mexico. Adams bought a 1/8 share of the schooner when she was built in 1863. He became captain and majority owner in March 1867. On June 19,1873, the Minnie G. Atkins was sunk by the Laura May. The captain of the Laura May testified that he had not altered course when he saw the Atkins in stays. Adams decided to try to find work ashore. After 6 months fruitless attempts, he began to frequent his old haunts and "talk ship". A year after the Atkins was sunk, he was sailing on the new schooner Venus that he had built for him.