Daily Alta California, Volume 15, Number 4755, 2 March 1863
Courtesy from the the California Digital Newspaper


Los* of the Schooner " Beeswing." — The loss of the schooner Beestring, on the bar of San Francisco, on the 18th of February, hts thrown a great gloom over the city of Monterey, to which port she was a regular trader. Her unfortunate owners were Thos. D K<>» and Kobert Young, both of Sau Franciaco. Mr. Kobert Young was a native of Hilton county, Durham, England. He was much re«peeted by all who knew him. and leaves many warm friends to lament hi* death. He wu 53 years and 16 days old. Mr. J. M. Main was first officer, and sailed out of this port as captain for many years. He leaves behind him a wife to lament bis untimely loss. He was also much respected by all who were acquainted with him. He was about 45 years of age, and was a native of Massachusetts. She had on board, at the time, four passengers: Mr. H. De Grah. Mr. Thomas Day, a Spaniard and a Portuguese, lit. De Grah was well known in Monterey. Jle was for some time Sheriff in the county, «nd had many warm friend* in San Francisco. Vr. Day was for many years County Treasurer, and at the time of his death. Deputy Sheriff. He leaves behind him a wife and lamily to mourn his irreparable loss, also numerous warm friends in Munterey and San Francisco. Annexed we give a list of her ofiicer*: Mr. Robert Young, manor; Mr. J. It. Main, first officer: Charles Smith, cook; J?«ter Wilson, Andrew XeUoJi and Jl:u.Irer&en. seamen. Select Soctett ox the Sea.— .Some of the cabin passengers on board the California steamer Ariel, on her last outward trip from New York, in order to relieve the usual inofcotor.y of an ocean voyage, organized them«lw into an association called the "Transit Club." Amongst other proceedings hud. was tbe adoption of the following series of resolutions: At a stated meeting of the Transit Clnb. held in the cabin of tbe Rteam*hip Ariel on Wednejday. February iith. 1*53. the following rnolaturn* were pff*-red and unanimously adopted bv the Club* JUioiced. That tbe thanks ..! the Transit Club be t»b«ered to Captain June* and bis officer* for their Hi 1 - ii.es-. courtesy, reu lie manly bearing and acaiiuoa» attention to the noiafurt and convenience if the Club, and of the putenrera generally, during the present trip from Nr» Vurk to AipinwalL Jifolred. also. That we most earnestly recommend all ocean traveller* to innttute similar club*, and that we will mon cheerfully furoi-b conien of «ur constitution and by-law*, and ail other infunnacacn recardinc tbe formation and tbe objecre of our t-lkfc to any person who may adirest tu requrattactt. hetalnd. further. That a copy of tbe*« resolutions be turnifibed to Captain Jones and officer*, and that ropien be also sent to the New York Unity lltrmld. Baa Praacieoo Uam.v Ait* California and ft»n I- raneisce .-pinr «/ tkt Timn. with a reHuett that they publish the ume. 0. II. P v a <o>r. Wasbinrton. D. C. Ch'n. n . W . U iLFoRK. of New York. Kee.. JML III sun, of San Francimo. Cal., J B. Mabox. Philadelphia. J'-nu... R I. Hcetox. of Saco. Maine. W. /. Bat ell. N>« tfork. J. B. Dkax. Ban Francisco, Cal. A Painting bt Rottknhamer.— Last •/«•*, one of our Pioneer Californians, a Gern»an citizen of San Francisco, whilst traveling through Europe, wandered to Eotterdam. During his visit in that city, his utattcr.tion was attracted by items in newspapers, and the general topic amongst the idlers U the hotel, to a great sale of pictures jnBoucced to take place. It appears that on> of the Dutch East India families (so styled) which had been noted, for upwards of two centuries, for their wealth and taste, had "come to grief, " and their private picture gallery was to be sold. Our San Franciscan attended and purchased an original by the •bare-named renowned painter. This~arti«t iKotlerjhamer) was born in Munich in HjtA, and died in Aupbourg in lfiO>i. This painting is old-* and in better preservation than those recently exhibited in Platt » Hall It may be seen at Barry &, Patten s saloon. FjKEMAN'a Fcneral.— The funeral of E. T. Allon. who lost his lifa while in the disch&rge of iiu> duties at the Mare Island Xavy Yard, wai attended yesterday from the engine houoe of Pacific iso. 8, of which de-L-i-asi.-d was a. member. There was a very litree processson, consisting mainly of his fellow-members of the Department. The <-ort*gs passed through Montgomery street about 12 o'clock, on its way to the final resting place of the deceased. A Severe Loss. — The fate of Caplain J. H. Oarwood, one of the persons lost by the Asstrurtion of the eteam tug Merrimac, in Humboidt Bay, is deeply deplored by hi; numerous friends in this city, and by all of his busineu acquaintances. lie was a most estimable man in the various relation! of life, and tin- new* of his untimely death falls not fcMiiiP heavily on his bereaved fiimilj-, but oo kit vho knew him. Tuk Departing Steamer for Panama. —The P. It. S. Co.'i vessel Gulden Age. which 'only reached this port on Saturday, u officially announced to leave again for Panama oa thU (Monday) afternoon at four o'clock. Great dispatch Las been used in getting her ready for this voyage. Her freight had all been discharged at an early bout yesterday, and a full supply of coal taken aboard. Stoles Good*.— In the Station House can b« found by the owner, a pair of «triped ca»iimere panu, taken from Charle* Fenton, who if alleged to have stolen them from a Spanish dance cellar. Willium Johnson, who was only discharged from the County Jail on Saturday, was arrwrted yesterday by OOcerCoffey, with an iron wrench, two carpenters' rules, plane, pencil and razor in his pUUulOD. MttMiro.— A man named Otto Warner, 22 ye»r* old, who resided on the corner of California and St Mary's street, hat been misting from home since Friday night last On leaving the house, he informed the residents that they might throw hii effects into the street after he had cleared out He is supposed to be insane. Warner h by profession a music teacher. Board or Sitkr visors.— The Board of Supervisors assemble again for tbe transaction of busibest, this evening. There will be a busy time, inasmuch as there was held do meeting last week, Monday being tbe day selected for celebrating the anniversary of the birlh of Washington. A Deuqutfi'l Sabbath.— Yesterday the ¦un *hone from a cloudless tkr. The weather, »uli"uph very warm for this season, was detigiitful throughout, and the bright moon renjertd the evening as pleasant u the day bad beea. A D e>- txTFk— Tt e ubiquitous John Smith «ra* arrested oo Fotaxn (tract yesterday at a I dtterur ftom the IL b. .toop-of- »ar Cyanc.